Experience in the Field


Hands on experience

The International Program in Crisis & Trauma exposes students to practical aspects of utilizing intervention for crisis and trauma in affected populations. This is done in two methods:


Site Visits course

A year-long course organized around site visits to a range of human service agencies offering counselling, therapy, and support to persons exposed to traumatic stressors. Students learn directly from professionals about the various intervention models they employ. When applicable, students also hear from the organization’s clients about their personal stories and experiences.


Some of the organizations that are visited include: 

- Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center 

- Beit Lynn - Child Protection Center 

- Shelter for battered women in the Arab population 

The Tel-Aviv Sourasky medical center


Experience in the Field

Throughout the course of two semesters students spend one day every week in an organization that provides support to individuals, groups, and communities in acute and long-term crisis. During this time, students are exposed to a specific population and organization, plan and design an intervention for the population, and carry it out. Students gain hands on experience in working as psychosocial facilitators and coordinators.


The organizations for 2016-2017 (*subject to change):

- Kuchinate- African Refugee Women's Collective

- Gay Center, Tel Aviv

- Brit Olam- Int'l Volunteering and Development

-Mosenson youth village

-UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


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