Field Experience Stories

Some of our students have shared their experience with the hands-on field segment of the course. Take a moment to read about their connections and work with our partner organizations.

Candice Kotzen

I believe the field experience has helped me grow and develop my skills in the discipline; this will set me in good stead for my future career...

Talia Balkin

Right now, through the Crisis and Trauma Field Experience, I am working with The Schoolhouse, which provides adult education for refugees, asylum seekers, and migrant communities.


Jessica Quinonez

My work with Topaz has motivated me to start planning my next project: starting an NGO when I return to Mexico, to assist people who have experienced trauma and crisis.


Michael Kroll

People seem to forget that children are incredibly brilliant, and they really do have a unique outlook on life that we tend to lose sight of as we get older.


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