Alumni Stories

Students come to the Crisis and Trauma Program from all over the world, and from a wide variety of backgrounds. Take a minute to meet some of our alumni, as they talk about their background and experience.

Tomoko Ohji, Journalist

During my work as a Jerusalem correspondent I developed a desire to learn about Israel’s psychological coping skills. I have come to learn that resilience is key, not only in dealing with social stress, but also for preventing people from radicalizing, and this is why I decided to enroll in the International MA in Crisis and Trauma at Tel Aviv University.


Andra Wiessberger, IsraAID Country Director

The small class sizes and specific courses gave me the opportunity to grow as a person and understand what I wanted to do next. That self-understanding has given me the grounding to make a positive impact here in the field. I use everything I learned on a daily basis. It has been the foundation for my thriving career.

Anna-Lisa Klages, IsraAID Germany art therapist & training instructor

The crisis and trauma program opened my eyes and stimulated my growing interest in understanding the mechanisms and processes involved in the perception of crises and the impact of trauma. The insights gained in the coursework influence my day-to-day work and my wish to do further research on the subject matter.


Anna-Maria Meier, IVA and BRIT-Global Change Makers

Before joining the program, I worked as a social worker in a residential center for mothers, fathers, and children. This intensive youth welfare institution introduced me to the field of personal trauma, crisis intervention, and dysfunctional behavior. After five years working vulnerable families, my desire to specialize grew. 


Camelia Liow, Crisis and Trauma Program class of 2015

I chose the Crisis and Trauma Program after finishing the psych degree, when I wanted to further my education and obtain a Masters in Psychology or a related field.


Jake VanNattan, 2nd Lieutenant, US Marine Corps

I came to the program after completing Officer Candidates School with the US Marine Corps, as I was looking to further my education before continuing my military career.


Jess Gibly

I’m Jess Gibly, from Oregon in the United States, and I attended the Crisis and Trauma program in Fall of 2012, completing my thesis in early 2015. Before coming to Tel Aviv University, I graduated from Portland State University with a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a minor in Psychology. The summer before I left for the program, I was a full time intern at a local basic services center for individuals experiencing homelessness.


Raphael Cuadros

I wanted to focus on trauma, and the one-year study abroad program included teachers who were experts in their fields. In addition, the program is based in Israel, itself such an interesting place to study the consequences of violence.


Stephanie Bratnick, UNHCR in Tel Aviv

Before beginning the International MA in Crisis and Trauma at Tel Aviv, I was working internationally in Mexico and China, where I was focused on education and conflict resolution.


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