Academic Staff

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Dr. Belle Gavriel Fried
Head of Program  


Prof. Zahava Solomon

seminar thesis
Courses: Research paradigm and methods
Domestic violence related stress: Assessment and intervention
Course: Theory and practice of social planning and social management
Dr. Ruvie Rogel
Courses: Innovative interventions in collective traumatic events: interaction of hands-on practice and academic knowledge
The psychological toll of a traumatic event: Theoretical and conceptual aspects  
Courses: Evaluation of Social Services
The impact of prolonged exposure to disasters on coping resiliency and general wellbeing
Course: Social Policy aspects of coping with long term stress

Dr. Alana Siegel

Courses: Ecological Perspectives of Trauma : From the International to the Individual Level
 Dangerous Group Dynamics
Course: Better Together - Communities Facing Trauma

Dr. Jacob Y. Stein

Course: Traumas and their Aftermaths: From Lived Experiences to Theory
Course: Theory and practice of advancing community based interventions for acute and long term crisis in under developed countries

Tamar Dekel

Course: Trauma, Crisis and International Development – The Case of Uganda
Course: An Integrative Scope of the Mind-Body: Implications for stress, health and well-being

Dr. Anastasia Gorodzeisky

Course: Immigrants, Refugees and Host Societies


Dr. Hisham Abu-Raiya

Course: Religion and Spirituality as coping resources with life crisis



Dr. Shira Pagorek-Eshel 

Course: Ecological and organizational perspectives of human service agencies

Course: Group Interventions with stressful situations
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