Student Testimonials

Read what our alumni have to say.

"Through the Masters in trauma and crisis program at TAU I was able to receive an education that equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and experience I need at my current position as  a Case Manager for homeless in Washington, D.C.".


"TAU, its faculty, and my peers allowed me the unique opportunity to become qualified for working in the field of Crisis and Trauma while offering me a valuable experience that comes with living abroad".


"Following graduation I was sad to leave the city and people I’d grown to love. Though the year at TAU came with its own challenges, I consider it one of my most lived and loved life experiences. I feel the knowledge I gained about the field and myself far surpasses what I would’ve achieved had I chosen to study in the comfort of a local University." (Katie Mullins, 2012 Almuni)



"I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful year. I am so fortunate for having the opportunity to get to know each and everyone of you. I have never felt so comfortable or connected to an entire class like this before. This has been such an amazing experience..." (Odelya Kadosh, 2011)



"I would like to thank you all for the wonderful year I have had. I learnt so much about the world, myself, and also crisis and trauma (on occasion!). You helped me open my eyes and mind to a world that is bigger than the one I knew" (Shiri Gurvitz, 2011)



"We did a lot of site visits, where we visited different organizations and areas, where people are under high stress, or have experienced trauma, and then how the different communities deal with that, and the kind of services that are available, and that's been fascinating." (Stephanie B. Spiro, 2011)



"There's definitely a different opportunity here to see and interact with people who have experienced traumatic events, that you don't have in the United States, aside from soldiers. When you study in a different country, a different culture, you get a different perspective, philosophically and culturally, it's just invaluable, because you learn more about your own culture, by seeing other people's cultures."(Daniel Aaron Blue, 2011)



"It has been a great pleasure and privilege meeting and getting to know each and every one of you this past year. You have enriched my life immeasurably, and I am forever grateful for all that you have given to me. I am really proud of our class and all that we have already done and will yet go on to accomplish." (Rachel Wyner, 2011)



"I had an incredible year with all of you! I wish you all success in your future plans."(Ilana Kyrbus, 2011)



"I wanted to share  how impressed I am with the faculty, the teachers are remarkable, and one thing I didn't quite expect is, now that I am doing all my research for my papers for the first semester, I can't help but not cite my professors in the field that I'm writing the paper for...It really blew me anyway. I was not able to write a single one of my six papers, without actually quoting my own professor. So that's really quite remarkable, and something that shows me that I'm not just learning from someone who had gone to school all their lives, they've been in the field, they really understand what's going on." (Zach Trent, 2011)


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