A Message from Head of School

Idit Weiss- Gal ,Prof.


All over the world and certainly in Israel, the Social Work profession faces many challenges. Built on the concept of "person in the environment", the profession views the suffering of individuals, families, and communities as stemming from a combination of personal and socio-economic factors. It operates on the basis of clear values of social justice, human rights, partnership, democracy, and equal opportunity for all persons to make their own decisions and to choose their own direction in life. It believes that social workers have the responsibility to strive both to improve their clients' quality of life and, at the same time, to promote social change so as to reduce poverty and unemployment, inequality, discrimination, and oppression.


Since the profession approaches problems and their solutions in an integrative manner, social workers need extensive knowledge in diverse fields and mastery of different intervention skills. Social Work is thus a profession that requires continuous learning, anchored in empirical study and ongoing examination of practice.

The Bob Shapell School of Social Work is among the leading schools of Social Work in Israel. With the help of our excellent faculty, we train our students to think critically and to navigate in a work environment characterized by intense pressures, constant changes, and a great deal of uncertainty. We provide them with state of the art empirical and theoretical knowledge and skills in various levels of intervention. We encourage them to systematically examine and evaluate the application and effectiveness of their interventions. Through our continuing education program, we provide a long and variegated list of courses for the thousands of social workers who continue to expand their knowledge and to improve their professional skills for the benefit of their clients and the society as a whole.


In addition to teaching and training, the faculty engage in fruitful academic work.They carry out research on a large range of subjects, publish in first rate professional journals, and present papers at professional conferences throughout the world. Many faculty members sit on public committees, take part in social initiatives, and carry on an ongoing and productive dialogue with social workers in the field and with policy and decision makers both within and beyond the Social Work profession. Through this dialogue, our faculty members both influence activities in the field and are influenced by them. The interaction promotes the development of effective practice anchored in knowledge originating in the field and tested in empirical studies.

The Bob Shapell School of Social Work will continue to work in partnership with the field so as to promote research, improve practice, effect social policy, keep its curriculum up to date, and promote excellence in the field of Social Work.


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