Immigration, Multiculturalism and Community Studies

Senior Faculty

Dr. Yael Itzhaki-Braun Prof. Evgeny Tartakovsky Prof. Carmit Katz
Dr. Guy Feldman Dr. Maya Fennig Dr. Lior Birger


Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

Dr. Romain Jammal Abboud Dr. Nora Korin Langer Dr. Rony Berger
Dr. Meriam Haj Houri   MSW Ruth Frankenburg


Recent Publications

Katz, Carmit., McLeigh, Jill D., & Ben-Arieh, Asher. "Reflections on the Traditional Role of Social Workers in Protecting Children: Lessons Learned from Strong Community's Initiative in Israel." International journal on child maltreatment: Research Policy and Practice 2 (2019).

Tartakovsky, Eugene., Patrakov, Eduard, & Nikulina, Marina. "Is Emigration Worth the Trouble? Satisfaction with Life, Group Identifications, Perceived Discrimination, and Socio-Economic Status of Immigrants and Stayers." International Journal of Intercultural Relations 80 (2021).

Tartakovsky, Eugene. & Walsh, Sophie D., "Personal Value Preferences, Threat-Benefit Appraisal of Immigrants and Levels of Social Contact: Looking Through the Lens of the Stereotype Content Model." Frontiers in Psychology: Section Personality and Social Psychology 12 (2021).

Itzhaki-Braun, Yael. "The art of community social work in the Ultraorthodox Community." British Journal of Social Work 51 (2021).

Itzhaki-Braun, Yael & Sulimani-Aidan, Yafit. "Risk and Protective Factors Among at-risk Ultraorthodox Jewish Youth in Israel: A Contextual Model of Positive Adjustment." Health & Social Care in the Community 29 (2021).

Luski, Efrat, Kowalski, Marlene, Tener, Dafna, & Katz, Carmit. "Child Sexual Abuse by Religious Authority Figures in Germany and Israel:  The Experiences and Perceptions of Adult Survivors." Journal of Interpersonal Violence (2021).

Nadan, Yochay, Tener, Dafna, Gemara, Netanel, Keesing, Rivka, Katz, Carmit, & Roer-Strier, Dorit. "'All in All…It Begins with Love': The Meanings of Parental Love in the Context of Child Risk and Protection among Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Parents." Child & Family Social Work  (2021).

Tartakovsky, Eugene., & Walsh, Sophie D., "Positive and Negative Social Contacts with Immigrants from Different Groups: Investigating the Role of Group Appraisal and Opportunity for Contact Using Network ‎Analysis." International Journal of Psychology (2022, published online).



Maguire-Jack, Kathryn, & Katz, Carmit. Neighborhoods, Communities and Child Maltreatment: A global perspective. Springer Publications (in press).



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