Prof. Evgeny Tartakovsky

School of Social Work
מנהלת בי"ס לעב סוציאלית סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Evgeny Tartakovsky
Office: School of Social Work

Short Bio

Eugene (Evgeny) Tartakovsky is an Associate Professor at the Tel-Aviv University School of Social Work. Prof. Tartakovsky received an M.A. in clinical psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Ph.D. from the School of Social Work at Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheba. Before joining Tel-Aviv University, Prof. Tartakovsky worked as a psychologist in an adolescent immigration program at the Israeli Ministry of Education and as a coordinator of children and family programs in the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. Prof. Tartakovsky has published over 60 articles and book chapters and presented his works at international conferences. He is the editor of two books: one on community psychology and another on immigration. Prof. Tartakovsky consults governmental and non-governmental organizations on issues related to immigration and the integration of immigrants and ethnic minorities.

Full CV

Research Interests

  • Psychology of immigration: immigrants and receiving society
  • Social work with immigrants and ethnic minorities
  • The role of values as determinants of attitudes and behavior

Recent Publications

Tartakovsky E. (2022). Innovations and new discoveries in international migration psychology: Introduction to the special issue of the International Journal of Psychology. International Journal of Psychology, 57(4), 443–444.

Tartakovsky, E. & Baltiansky, ‎G. (2022, published online). Native and immigrant social workers working with immigrants: Appraisal of the ‎immigrant group, acculturation orientations, and burnout. Health & Social Care in the Community.

Tartakovsky, E., & Vorobiova, Y. (2022, published online). Exposure to terror attacks and traumatization among immigrants from the former ‎Soviet Union to Israel: The positive effects of bicultural identity and bicultural social support. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Tartakovsky, E., & Saranga, M. (2022, published online). Eritrean asylum seekers in Israel: Traumatic experience, social contacts with Eritreans ‎and Israelis, psychological well-being, and sociocultural adaptation. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies.

Tartakovsky, E., & Walsh, S. D. (2022, published online). Positive and negative social contacts with immigrants from different groups: Investigating the role of group appraisal and opportunity for contact using network ‎analysis. International Journal of Psychology.

Tartakovsky, E. (2022). Ethnic minority and majority social workers working with ethnic minority clients: culture-bound professional interventions and burnout among Arab and Jewish Israeli social workers. Research on Social Work Practice, 32(2), 215-226.

Tartakovsky, E. (2021, published online). Acculturation orientations, professional interventions and burnout amongst ethnic minority social workers working with ethnic minority clients: a case of Arab citizens of Israel. The British Journal of Social Work.

Schwartz, S. J., Walsh, S. D., Ward, C., Tartakovsky, E., Weisskirch, R. S., Vedder, P., Makarova, E., Bardi, A., Birman, D., Oppedal, B., Benish-Weisman, M., Lorenzo-Blanco, E. I., Güngör, D., Stevens, G. W. J. M., Benet-Martinez, V., Titzmann, P. F., Silbereisen, R. K., Geeraert, N., and the psychology of migration working group (2020, published online). The role of psychologists in international migration research: complementing other expertise and an interdisciplinary way forward. Migration Studies.

Walsh, S. D., & Tartakovsky, E. (2021). Personal value preferences, threat-benefit appraisal of immigrants and levels of social contact: Looking through the lens of the Stereotype Content Model. Frontiers in Psychology, Section Personality and Social Psychology, 12, 1-19.

Tartakovsky, E., Patrakov, E., & Nikulina, M. (2021). Is emigration worth the trouble? Satisfaction with life, group identifications, perceived discrimination, and socio-economic status of immigrants and stayersInternational Journal of Intercultural Relations80, 195-205.

Tartakovsky, E., & Walsh, S. D. (2020). Are some immigrants more equal than others? Applying a threat-benefit model to understanding the appraisal of different immigrant groups by the local population. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 46(19), 3955-3973.

Tartakovsky, E., & Walsh, S. D. (2020). Factors affecting the psychological well-being of immigrants: the role of group self-appraisal, social contacts, and perceived ethnic density. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 26(4), 592–603.

Tartakovsky, E., Walsh, S., Lebedeva, N., Tatarko, A., Patrakov, E., & Nikulina, M. (2020). Is there “smoke without fire”? Applying the theory of values to the study of motivational aspects of ethnic stereotypes: the case of Jewish stereotypes in Russia. International Journal of Psychology, 55(5), 891-899.

Walsh, S., Tartakovsky, E., & Schifter-Weber, M. (2019). Personal values and immigrant appraisal as predictors of voluntary contact with immigrants among majority students in Israel. International Journal of Psychology, 54(6), 731–738.

Tartakovsky, E., & Walsh, S. D. (2018). Value preferences of social workers. Social Work: A Journal of the National Association of Social Workers, 63(2), 115-124.

Tartakovsky, E. (2018). Therapeutic beliefs and practices of Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli social workers. International Social Work, 61(2) 199–218.

Tartakovsky, E., Patrakov, E., & Nikulina, M. (2017). Emigration intentions of Russian Jews: the role of socio-demographic variables, social networks, and satisfaction with life in Russia. East European Jewish Affairs, 47(2-3), 242-254.

Tartakovsky, E., Patrakov, E., & Nikulina, M. (2017). Motivational goals, group identifications, and psychosocial adjustment of returning migrants: the case of Jews returning to Russia. International Journal of Psychology, 52(S1), 78-86.

Tartakovsky, E., Patrakov, E., & Nikulina, M. (2017). Factors affecting emigration intentions in the diaspora population: the case of Russian Jews. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 59, 53–67.

Tartakovsky, E., & Abu Kheit, A. (2017). Personal value preferences, group identifications, and cultural practices of Palestinian Israelis working in close contact with Jewish Israelis. The Journal of Social Psychology, 157(5), 541–555.

Tartakovsky, E., Walsh, S. D., Patrakov, E., & Nikulina, M. (2017). Between two worlds? Value preferences of immigrants compared to local-born populations in the receiving country and in the country of origin. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 48(6), 835–853.


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