Prof. Idit Weiss

School of Social Work
מנהלת בי"ס לעב סוציאלית סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Idit Weiss
Phone: 03-6409592
Fax: 03-6409182
Office: School of Social Work, 202

Short Biography

Prof. Idit Weiss-Gal research interests focus on the interface between social work and social policy. She examins the involvement of social workers in processes of determining and shaping social policy and in practicing policies, from a comparative national and international perspective.

Prof. Weiss-Gal is regarded a pioneer in the development of policy practice in social work in Israel and a leading researcher, on an international scale, in examining the involvement of social workers in policy processes in various channels. She is also a leading researcher in developing training protocoles for policy practice in Israel and around the world.

Prof. Weiss-Gal authored the book Social Work Policy Practice (2011), a groundbreaking book in its field. She has also edited several books about the social work profession and policy practice. She has written dozens of articles published in all major journals in the fields of social work and social policy and has been invited to give a number of opening lectures at international conferences as well as lectures in social work schools in the United States, alongside dozens of presentations at conferences in Israel and around the world.

Prof. Weiss-Gal's research has, several times, been funded by the competitive and prestigious Research Foundation of the National Academy of Sciences (ISF). She has guided dozens of graduate students and twice received Tel Aviv University Rector's Award for Outstanding Lecturer. She is included in the list of "One Hundred Outstanding Lecturers at Tel Aviv University" every year.

Prof. Weiss-Gal previously served as the Head of the Graduate Program at the Bob Shapell School of Social Work (2009-2014), as the Head of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching at the University (2011-2014) and as the Head of the School of Social Work (2016-2021). Currently she serves as the head of the school's Human Rights and Policy Graduate Program.

Research Topics

  • Social workers as policy actors
  • Social workers as policy makers
  • Case advocacy in social work
  • Social work as a profession
  • Policy practice
  • Critical perspectives in social work


  • Policy practice
  • Social policy
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Gender, family and social policy
  • Research in social work

Social Impact

Prof. Weiss-Gal was a member of the committee who drafted the reform of local welfare services on behalf of the Ministry of Welfare of Israel and Israel's Social Security and was a member of the steering committee of the organization 'Community Advocacy'. Currently, Prof. Weiss-Gal advises social services in the field of involvement in policy design and social rights; she advises the Italian Social Workers Association on the issue of policy involvement and advises an international project designed to develop policy involvement training protocols.

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