At-Risk Children, Youth and Young Adults

Senior Faculty

Prof. Yafit Sulimani-Aidan Prof. Einat Peled Prof. Carmit Katz
Prof. Evgeny Tartakovsky Prof. Guy Shilo Prof. Liat Hamama
Dr. Noga Tsur   Dr. Lior Birger


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Nora Korin Langer Dr. Romain Jammal Abboud Dr. Cigal Knei-Paz
Dr. Rony Berger Dr. Rotem Schapira Dr. Michal Komem
MSW Nira Hirsh MSW Ayal Varshaviak Dr. Yael Loyal
Mr. Avi Saroff Ms. Shani Nardimon Ms. Nitzana Ben David

Recent Publications

Hamama, Liat, & Hamama-Raz, Yaira. "Meaning in Life, Self-Control, Positive and Negative Affect: Exploring Gender Differences among Adolescents." Youth & Society (2019).

Shilo, Guy, Pizmony-Levy, Oren, & Rogel, Avner. "Pride and the True Colors of the Holy Land: School Climate for LGBT Students in Israel.International Journal of Educational Development 70 (2019).

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Tener, Dafna, & Katz, Carmit. "Space-Time, Offender, Others and Me: Towards a Conceptual Model of Child Sexual Abuse Based on Survivors’ Perspectives." Children and Youth Services Review 120 (2021).

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Tsur, Noga, & Katz, Carmit. "'And then Cinderella Was Lying in My Bed': Dissociation Display in Forensic Interviews with Children Following Intra Familial Child Sexual Abuse." Journal of Interpersonal Violence (2021).

Tener, Dafna, Sigad, Laura, I., Katz, Carmit, Shimron, Roni, Harel, Eyal, Greenblum, Noam, Shemesh, Mor, & Zooker Zabib, Yael. "'Maybe I Imagined It, Maybe It Really Was All Just Childish Play': Complexity and Ambiguity in Survivors' Perceptions of Harmful Preadolescent Sexual Behavior." Child Abuse and Neglect 123 (2022).

​Prior, AyeletPeled, Einat, & Shilo, Guy. "Help Seeking and Help Related Experiences of Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth – A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis." Trauma, Violence & Abuse (accepted for publication).


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