Health, Mental Health and Addictions

Senior Faculty

Prof. Karni Ginzburg Prof. Evgeny Tartakovsky Prof. Zahava Solomon
Prof. Liat Hamama Prof. Yel Benyamini Prof. Belle Gavriel-Fried
Prof. Guy Shilo Dr. Noga Tsur Dr. Hisham abu Raiya


Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

Dr. Julia Gouzman Dr. Paula Gerber-Epstein Dr. Galia Weinberg-Kurnik
Dr. Renana Stanger Elran MSW Lili Yaron-Melamed Dr. Sandrine Brenner-Djian
  Ms. Hadas Ziv  


Recent Publications

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Belle Gavriel-Fried, Paul Delfabbro, Neven Ricijas, Dora Dodig Hundric, & Jeffrey L. Derevensky. "Cross-national comparisons of the prevalence of gambling, problem gambling in young people and the role of accessibility in higher risk gambling: A study of Australia, Canada, Croatia and Israel." Current Psychology: developmental - learning - personality - social (2021).

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Shilo, Guy, Mor, Zohar, & Levy, Itzchak. "Knowledge of and Willingness to Take Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis among Men who Have Sex with Men in Israel." Israel Journal of Health Policy Research (accepted for publication).


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