Policy practice

Senior Faculty

Prof. Idit Weiss-Gal Dr. Lia Levin Prof. Carmit Katz
Dr. Yael Itzhaki-Braun Dr. Guy Feldman Dr. Ido Katri


Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

Dr. Gili Tamir Dr. Ram Cnaan

Recent Publications

Levin, Lia, & Ben Abou Baruch, Carmit. "Social Welfare Reform in Israel: Social Workers’ Views on Change, Participation and Professional Values." Health & Social Care in the Community (2019).

Levin, Lia. "Re-thinking Social Justice: A contemporary challenge for Social Good." Research on Social Work Practice 30 (2019).

Nouman, Hani, Levin, Lia, & Lavee, Einat. "Working through Barriers: Shaping Social Workers’ Engagement in Policy Practice." British Journal of Social Work 50 (2019).

Katz, Carmit., & Fallon, Barbara. "Protecting Children from Maltreatment During COVID-19: Struggling to See Children and Their Families Tthrough the Lockdowns." Child Abuse & Neglect (2020).

Levin, Lia, Roziner, Ilan, & Savaya, Riki. "Professional Identity, Perceived Job Performance and Sense of Personal Accomplishment among Social Workers in Israel: The Overriding Significance of the Working Alliance." Health & Social Care in the Community (2020).

Razon, Sharon & Levin, Lia. "Shifting the Focus Inward: Israeli Social Workers’ Participation in Decision-Making and their Inclusion of Service-Users in Intervention-Related Decisions." Health & Social Care in the Community, 2021.

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Katz, Ilan, Katz, Carmit, Andresen, Sabine, at al. "Child maltreatment reports and Child Protection Service responses during COVID-19: Knowledge exchange among Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Israel, and South Africa.Child Abuse & Neglect 116 (2021).

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